Tim Spannaus

Retired as Senior Lecturer & Program Coordinator, Wayne State University Learning Design and Technology program

Deacon, Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Detroit, Michigan.

Archdeacon, Episcopal Diocese of Michigan

The tangle of cables at ibstpi meeting in Detroit

Obviously an old picture – look at all the cables we needed to stay connected!



International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction

Elected ibspi Fellow in 2006. I was privileged to be a director of this fine group since 1995 and president from 1999 to 2003. We’ve produced validated standards for Instructor, Training Manager, Instructional Designer, and Evaluator.

Association for Advancement of Computing in Education

The EdMedia and E-Learn conferences are among the best conferences in the business.

Detroit ASTD

Active, interesting group of people, good to work with.


Spannaus, T.W. (2012). Creating Video for Teachers and Trainers. San Francisco: Pfeiffer.

Foxon, M., Richey, R. C., Roberts, R., & Spannaus, T. (2003). Training Manager Competencies: The standards (2 nd Ed.). ERIC Clearinghouse on Information and Technology, Syracuse, NY.
The Training manager competencies were revised and globally validated 1999-2001. This publication presents the new Training Manager competencies and performance statements, discusses the evolution of the training manager role, and outlines how practitioners, HRD and academia can use the competencies.

Photo manipulated by Sally Averill,

Ed-Media 2008 (Vienna, July 4) Presentation Online Graduate Programs in Instructional Technology

Detroit ASTD presentation in May, 2003, on What’s Hot & What’s Not

Detroit ASTD Presentation in March, 2005, Linking Research, Theory, and Practice

Spannaus, T.W., Brandenburg, D., Ware, I. & Heideman, J. “Multiple Strategies Yield Multiple Outcomes.” Lugano, June, 2004. (full paper) (EdMedia, June, 2004, presentation slides)


De le Teja, I. & Spannaus, T.W. (2008) “New online learning technologies: New online learner competencies. Really?” in J. Visser & M. Visser-Valfrey. Learners in a changing learning landscape: Reflections from a dialog on new roles and expectations. Dordrecht, NE: Springer

Spannaus, T.W. (2002) “Jim Huggins.” Chapter in Ertmer, P.A. & Quinn, J. The ID Casebook: Case Studies in Instructional Design. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

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Washington Monthly. The blog of the magazine of the same name. You need to read this every day.

Maddow Blog. Steve Benen writes an excellent blog. Frequent updates, it’s a daily must-read.

MediaMatters for America keeps the right wing honest. Clear, accurate rebuttals of the “news” from Fox and others.

Common Dreams Links to newspapers and opinion columns. Changes by the hour. “Breaking news and views for the progressive community.”


Spannaus family site

In German and English. Photos, guest book and genealogy of the Spannaus family. Supported by Dr. Roland Spannaus in Dresden.

Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Detroit

In February, 2022, I became deacon of the Cathedral, in addition to serving as Archdeacon of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan. 

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Royal Oak

Our church home from 2001 to 2021. I served as deacon at St. John’s. A very thoughtful, spiritual family. The “Breaking Bread Together” program was especially cool, in which four families share a dinner together roughly four times a year. We’ve met some great people this way. One of these groups even went to Paris together.

Lathrup Village Lions Club

Past president, Melvin Jones Fellow. We raise thousands of dollars every year for Lions charities, including Leader Dog, Penrickton Center and Project KidSight.