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Homemade toy train

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

I decided to make a toy for grandson Bryan’s Christmas gift. Collette is making some toys, too. For my first effort, I made a simple pull train out of wood.

Wooden train in bright colors. For a toddler

Simple wooden train for a toddler

This one is cut from white pine using a bandsaw. I cut the wheels with a hole saw. Sand everything, then paint with non-toxic paints. I used fluid acrylics from an art supply store. These are bright colors, selected to recognize his parents’ universities (U of Michigan and U of Tennessee). A non-toxic clear coat protects the finish.

It consists of a locomotive, tender, boxcar, hopper car and caboose.

Great idea

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Jonathan Zaslof at Washington Monthly has a great idea. Sure, the GOP wants Obama to propose changes to entitlements? Yes. Go for it. Here’s how I envision the dialog.

POTUS: You’re right, Mr. Speaker. I should propose some reforms to Obamacare to reduce the deficit.

SOH: Thank you, Mr. President. I assure you reforms to Obamacare will receive serious consideration from us.

POTUS: Here’s what I propose. We amend Obamacare in a way that saves about $50 billion each year. You’d be with me on that, right? We need to include a public option. That would do it. Your move, John.